Local author and professional speaker
Graham Sutherland

gives talks on a number of topics including:

Law & Order Series

  1. Development of the Police
    (Law enforcement from Saxon times)
  2. Brandy for the Parson
    (smuggling and smugglers through the ages)
  3. Stand and Deliver
    (Selected notorious highwaymen from C17th-C19th)
  4. Fakes, Forgers and Frauds
    (some people`s gullibility)
  5. Midland Murders
    (Some infamous cases from the Midlands)
  6. Warwickshire Crimes & Criminals from the 17th Century onwards.
  7. Brief History of the Warwickshire Constabulary
    (From its early days until 2000)
  8. The Gunpowder Plot 1605
    (With Midlands Connections)
  9. Felons, Phantoms & Fiends
    (some of the UK`s notorious criminals)
  10. Bonnie Prince Charlie & the 1745 Rebellion
    (The last real Jacobite rebellion in England)
  11. Wicked Women
    (sinners or sinned against….you decide. But would you want them to be your daughter-in-law?)
  12. Wicked, Wilful and Unconventional Women of Warwickshire
    (Notorious women with Warwickshire Connections)
  13. Dastardly Doctors
    (you would not want to be treated by them)
  14. The Verdict is Yours
    (an investigation into a Georgian scandal in Warwickshire)
  15. Famous Fictional Detectives 1841 - 1955 (some possibly less well-known than others)
  16. Literary Villains 1670 - 1950 (some possibly less well-known than others)
  17. Bad, Mad or Eccentric (which were they?)

Memories of Yesteryear

  1. Man at Play
    (Leisure activities over the years)*
  2. The Golden Age of Coaching
    (Horse drawn travel in C18th and C19th)
  3. Drainpipe Trousers to Rock 'n Roll
    (life in Britain in the 1950s)*
  4. Inn Signs
    (Selected inn signs and their tales)*
  5. Yet More Inn Signs
    (More of the above)*
  6. Warwickshire Inn Signs Past & Present 1 & 2
    (more of the above but all in Warwickshire)*
  7. A Taste of Ale...
    (drinking customs & the growth of the English pub)
  8. Grave Tales & Memorials
    (the stories they have to tell)*
  9. Curiosities
    (strange things to see in the Midlands and elsewhere)*
  10. Cross your fingers until you...
    (superstition, traditions and customs)
  11. Women at Work...
    (a selection of jobs undertaken by women over the years)
  12. North to Alaska..
    (The Klondike Gold Rush 1897 – 1899)*
  13. Boyhood Memories..
    (how we spent our boyhood in late 40`s & 50s)*
  14. Feisty Females
    (several women who left their mark on history)
  15. Curious Clerics
    (strange men of the cloth, including some nasty ones)
  16. English Eccentrics
    (strange people from history)
  17. Wish You Were Here
    (How holidays have changed over the years)*
  18. It Happened in Lent
    (customs in the approach to Lent)

The Warwick Series

  1. Warwick 1900 – 2010
    (See how the town has changed, or not)*
  2. The Darker Side of Warwick Part 1...
    (some of the more infamous events and characters in Warwick history)*
  3. The Darker Side of Warwick Part 2*...
    (the story continues)*
  4. Warwick in the Great War*
  5. Warwick at War 1939 – 45*
  6. Secret Warwick
    (Some of the lesser-known facts about the town)
  7. As We Were, another illustrated look at Warwick*


  1. Have bell, will travel
    (experiences of a town crier)
  2. A Mixture of Mysteries
    (Mysteries from history... some of which remain unsolved)
  3. Eleanor's Way
    (Following the route of the Eleanor Crosses)*
  4. It Happened in Lent
    (Events and customs in the approach to Easter)
  5. Highlights of the Heart of England
    (Selected interesting parts of the Midlands)

Story Telling

  1. All That Glitters
    (stories with a twist in the tale)
  2. Chocolate Cake to Die For
    (selected crime stories)
  3. The Man in Black
    (selected ghost stories)…These are more suited for the darker months, as they lose their effect on a sunny afternoon.

Talks marked * need to be illustrated

By Maureen Sutherland

  1. The Art of Coarse Guiding
    (ups and downs of being a tourist guide)
  2. I Was A Live Kidney Donor
    (the journey between decision and donation)
  3. Are you feeling peckish
    (food through the ages)

NB. These talks are not illustrated.

Please note: Most talks given by Graham Sutherland are presented without illustrations. However, those marked with * need to be illustrated.
Own equipment provided: all electrically tested and certificated where necessary.
Rates on application. All the above talks are also available on Zoom.

(April 2020)

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